Best Place to apply for Payday Loans in Ontario

We provide you a simpler, faster and more convenient way of borrowing cash. No need to fill multiple application forms or visiting lender’s store. This website is affiliated with 40+ payday lenders in Canada. When you submit your loan application on this website, we will match you with these payday lenders. The lenders who receive your application would verify your information and offer a lending decision if they find you eligible. Just make sure all the information shared by you is accurate so that your application is processed without any trouble.

How Our Payday Loan Application Works

Unlike applying at a lender store, our process is quick, simple and secure ‘all at the same time’. You can apply from the comfort of your home in less than 10 minutes. If approved, you can get multiple payday loan quotations without even visiting different lenders filling multiple forms, following up with the payday lenders or waiting for days and weeks. If you are qualified for these short term cash advance you can get approval as early as the next business day.

The entire process is carried out online; filling the form, verification, signing the cash loan agreement, funds transfer and even the loan repayments. No unnecessary paperwork involved and no personal meetings with the lender. You can submit the application online, from the privacy of your home/office. If applied during late evening hours, your application would be processed on the following working day. Personal loan approval then depends on how well you match with the lender’s eligibility criteria.

Features of Online Payday Loans in Ontario
  • Apply from home/office anytime 24x7
  • No unnecessary paper-work involved
  • No face to face meetings with lender
  • Quick decision on loan in most cases
  • Use cash for any urgent expenses
  • Customized/convenient Repayment Terms
  • Online processing saves you time & efforts
Loan Terms and Conditions

Every loan proposal has unique terms and conditions be it from same lender or different. So it is important to review all terms and conditions carefully before accepting any quotation. A payday loan in Ontario can offer customized repayment dates coinciding with your payday and pay frequency. The interest rates, late payment penalties and other charges are always included and explained in loan agreement which needs to be reviewed and understood clearly in order to avoid misunderstanding and troubles in the future.

About us is a loan matching service. We help consumers reach out to multiple lenders by submitting just one application. This not only saves time and effort but also increases your chances of loan approval.

When you submit a loan application through this website, we connect you with the leading payday lenders in Canada. As a result, you can be contacted by multiple lenders, with different quotations to compare and select the best deal. Even if you have adverse credit remarks, you have higher chances of loan approval as compared to applying directly with the lenders. A loan is not guaranteed though.

The complete loan process is simple and fast. You just need to fill a quick application sharing your basic personal, employment and debts/expenses details. These details are not saved on our system but are quicklyforwarded to the lenders. We do not access any information or make a copy of your details for any personal benefit/use. You will never receive a call or email from our team.

The information provided on this website about payday loans is general in nature: terms and conditions, pros and cons, questions and answers. These may be or may not be similar to the terms and conditions of your actual loan contract.

How It Works
Four simple steps to quickly and smoothly obtain a payday loan in Ontario

Step 1 – Fill your Online Application

While sitting comfortably at your home or office or on the go, you can apply for a payday loan anytime 24x7. Just visit the application page on this site and fill your personal, banking, employment income and expense details correctly and completely. It will not take your more time to fill the form and submit it.

Step 2 – Loan Approval Decision

The lender would initially check your application for the below listed criteria, followed by a complete verification of all the details provided by you to check your loan affordability. This is done quickly and you can receive a lending decision in as soon as the next business day.

  • Minimum age of applicant must not be less than 18 years
  • You must be an inhabitant of Canada
  • You must have a permanent employment, regular income
  • Must also have a valid bank account on your name

Step 3 – No obligation quotation and Signing Agreement

You can receive quotations/responses from all the lenders who approve your loan. These would all be free no obligation offers that you can compare and choose the most suitable deal. Once you have selected a loan proposal, you will have to sign a loan agreement online.

Step 4 – Get Cash in your Bank a/c

After signing the loan agreement the approved cash amount would be transferred directly into your bank account.

What if I don’t have a perfect credit record?

You can still apply for a payday loan through our website. We will try matching you with 2 or more lenders who can possibly offer you a cash advance disregard of your negative credit history.

What are the eligibility requirements of this loan?

The basic eligibility requirements are: the applicant’s age should be at least 18 years, you must be a citizen of Canada, must have a bank account and you must have a permanent employment.

When will my loan be due if I borrow?

You would be proposed a payday loan which is typically for a period of 2-4 weeks. As per your payday, you can ask the lender for a due date of your choice.

Up to what cash amount can I borrow?

The maximum loan amount approved for these loans is $1500. But, the amount approved for each individual depends on your unique financial circumstances (monthly income, expenses and savings).

How can I check that my loan is approved?

You do not have to contact anyone to verify the status of your loan. If your loan is approved, you will be contacted by the lender(s) via phone or email.

When can I expect to receive cash into my account?

As soon as you have reviewed the loan terms and conditions and have signed the loan agreement the cash will be transferred into your bank account without any delay.

What if I miss the loan repayment on due date?

If you miss or delay your loan payment, the lender will charge you a late payment penalty. But when you delay further, it may be considered as default that may reflect on your credit register.

Can I get extension on the loan tenure?

Yes if the lender offer the flexibility of loan extension. You can confirm this by reading the related clauses in your loan agreement.

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